Community Partnerships

College Factory has partnered with several nonprofits in and around Athens in an effort to provide comprehensive services to high school students in the area. Chess and Community, Project Rewire and Athens StepUp are just three of the organizations College Factory has teamed-up with in an effort to make Athens-Clarke County a better place.

Chess and Community

Chess and Community is an Athens-based nonprofit dedicated to empowering youth of Athens through chess, community service, and educational enrichment. The organization uses chess as a tool for helping young people develop skills to manage impulsiveness and long-term thinking strategies that will prepare them for the obligations of adulthood.

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Project Rewire

Project Rewire was established in 2017 by College Factory, Chess and Community and the Dunta Robinson Foundation with the goal of empowering the youth of Athens, Georgia, by rewiring the way they see themselves and their future.   

The organization takes a holistic approach to developing youth in disenfranchised communities by impacting them at home, school and in their community.  The Project Rewire program uses innovative and relatable approaches to meet students at their level of need. 

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Athens StepUp Scholarship

The Athens StepUp Scholarship recognizes students who have overcome significant challenges to pursue their education. The program works to advance the education of exceptional students who would otherwise be hampered by financial obstacles.

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